Cameca 3000XSi Atom Probe Tomography Instrument

FOM Name:  APT Cameca 3000XSi Atom Probe
Model:  Cameca/Imago LEAP 3000X Si
Contact: John Jacobs (, 608-262-3787)
Center:  NIAC
Location: MSE Room 173

The Cameca 3000 XSi Atom Probe performs 3D elemental/chemical composition measurements on solid samples at the atomic scale. The sample must be in the form of a sharp tip which is typically prepared using a focused ion beam (FIB) or electrochemical etching.

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Max. pulse frequency: 250 kHz
•    Mass resolving power (typical): 1000 FWHM
•    Min. temperature: 18 K
•    Detection efficiency: 37%
•    Pressure (typical): 10-11 torr
•    Laser wavelength: 532 nm
•    Laser pulse energy: 0.02 – 2 nJ
•    Max voltage pulse: 1732 V
•    Max DC voltage: 15 kV
•    Max detection rate: 10%
•    Acceptance angle: ca. 70°
•    Lateral resolution: ca. 0.2 nm
•    Depth resolution: ca. 0.1 nm