FEI Vitrobot Cryo vitrifier

FOM Name:  Prep FEI Vitrobot
Model: FEI Vitrobot Mark IV
Contact:  Alex Kvit (kvit@wisc.edu, 608-265-4458)
Center:  NIAC
Location:  MSE Room 177A

The FEI Vitrobot is an automated cryo TEM sample preparation unit that plunge freezes aqueous samples (vitrification). Critical vitrification parameters such as temperature and humidity  can be precisely controlled for consistent sample preparation.

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  • Working temperature 4 – 60 C
  • Peltier controlled heating/cooling
  • Maintain relative humidity at 100%
  • Touch screen control and setup
  • Automated shutter control allows smooth, instant injection of the sample grid into the coolant. A lift for the container brings the coolant close to the shutter to ensure optimal vitrification