Rudolph Ellipsometer

Contact: Anna Kiyanova (, 608-263-1735)
Instrument Center:  SMCL
Instrument Location: B46 Engineering Hall.

rudolphautoel_250x188 Rudolph AutoElII-VIS-3 is an automatic-nulling three wavelengths ellipsometer which measures changes in the state of polarization of a light beam reflected from sample surfaces. Two ellipsometric parameters – angles Delta and Psi – can be used to calculate the optical constants of bare surfaces, and the thickness and refractive index of thin films on those surfaces.


  • Wavelengths: 405 nm (blue), 546.1 nm (green), 632.8 nm (red)
  • Resolution and accuracy: 0.1° (Delta), 0.05° (Psi), 0.3-1 nm (thickness) & 0.01 (refractive index) for typical silicon oxide on silicon samples.
  • Angle of incidence: 70° (standard pin located), 60°, 80°, and 90° (additional pin located)
  • Max sample size: 6″ x 6″ (15 cm x 15 cm)
  • Sample plane: horizontal
  • Sample stage adjustments: height, tilt
  • Typical time for 1 measurement at one wavelength: 40 s
  • Spot size on sample: 1.6 mm x 4.7 mm (for 70°)