Bruker Icon Atomic Force Microscope

FOM Name:  AFM Bruker Icon
Model Number:  Bruker Dimension Icon AFM
Contact: Julie Morasch (, 608-262-3613)
Center:  NIAC
Location:  MSE Room 172

Icon AFM incorporates the latest evolution of Bruker’s industry-leading nanoscale imaging and characterization technologies on a large sample tip-scanning AFM platform. The Icon’s temperature-compensating position sensors render noise levels in the sub-angstroms range for the Z-axis, and angstroms in X-Y.

The Icon AFM in the NIAC allows has Peak Force Tapping, the Quantitative Nanomechanical Analysis software and the Fast Tapping as available options.

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AFM Specifications

X-Y Scan Range 90 µm, open-loop or closed-loop operation

X-Y Position noise (closed-loop) <0.15 nm RMS

X-Y Position noise (open-loop) <0.10 nm RMS

Z Sensor noise 35pm

Sample Size/holder

210 mm vacuum chuck for sample, <15mm thick

XY Sample Stage

Motorized stage with 180 mm x 150 mm inspectable area