Cameca IMS 4f-E7 Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer

FOM Name:  SIMS Cameca 4FE7
Model Number:  Cameca 4f-E7
Contact: Jerry Hunter (, 608-263-1073)
Center:  NIAC
Location:  MSE Rm 105

The Cameca 4f-E7 provides depth profile and contamination analysis on a broad range of materials from semiconductors and metals to insulators.

It is equipped with oxygen and cesium primary ion sources for analysis of positive and negative secondary ions and a high resolution (30,000 m/dm) double focussing mass spectrometer.

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  • O2+ and Cs+ primary ions
  • 1keV-15keV primary beam energies
  • Vacuum in the 1e-10 torr range gives ppm detection limits for atmospheric ions
  • High resolution double focussing mass spectrometer for separation of mass interferences

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