Tousimis Critical Point Dryer

FOM Name:  Prep Tousimis CPD
Model:  Tousimis CPD
Contact: Rick Noll (, 608-263-3667)
Center:  NIAC
Location: MSE Room 161

Critical point drying is an established method of dehydrating biological tissue prior to imaging with the SEM. The Tousimis critical point dryer is an automatic supercritical point dryer that can process up to 6″ wafers and the holders can hold up to 5 wafers or die..

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  • An efficient adiabatic cooling syste*, capable of cooling the chamber from ambient room temperature to near 0°C, in less than 3 minutes, maintains temperature automatically during both FILL and PURGE modes.
  • For added safety and convenience, U.S. Patented SOTER™ Condenser* quietly captures exhaust and alcohols.
  • Under-lit chamber with viewing window facilitates operator chamber status viewing.
  • 0.08µm internal filtration system delivers clean filtered LCO2 to process chamber.
  • LCO2 High Pressure braided stainless steel inert
  • Double T-Filter Assembly (#8785) pre-installed onto the chamber LCO2 supply high-pressure hose. Flows LCO2 twice thru 0.5µm filters with 99.5% particulate retention prior to LCO2 entering Automegasamdri®-915B.
  • Internal stainless and nickel scintered filtration systems incorporated to protect lines, wafers, and valves down to 0.08µm.
  • Spare Chamber O-ring (3), Chamber Lamp (1), and 5A Slo-Blow Fuses (2).
  • 4 Chamber Inserts. Enables original chamber ID reduction down to smaller chamber ID sizes for a range including: 6″, 4″, 3″, 2″, and 1.25″
  • 6″, 4″, 3″, 2″ diameter Wafer Holders and 10mm square die holders included. Holders are HF compatible and can hold up to 5 wafers or die each.