Elionix ELS G-100 Electron Beam Lithography

Contact: Quinn Leonard (qleonard@wisc.edu, 608-890-3030)
Instrument Center:  NFC
Instrument Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor

The Elionix ELS 100 is a state-of-the-art electron beam lithography system.  It is capable of patterning the smallest features available in the Nanoscale Fabrication center.

The Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology acknowledges financial support from NSF (DMR–1625348) in the acquisition of the Elionix ELS G-100 electron beam lithography instrument.

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Instrument Configuration

  • Capable of running at 100kV continuously
  • Also setup for 25kV, 50kV and 75kV beam energies
  • 6nm resolution can be achieved in a 30nm thick layer of electron beam resist
  • laser interferometer stage. (XY laser interferometer; 0.3nm resolution) Z: 5mm (Laser height sensor; 0.1um resolution)
  • Field Stitching precision is 15nm
  • Layer-to-Layer Overlay accuracy is <20nm for a 100µm x 100µm write field
  • Beam currents from 20pA to 100nA
  • Beam spot size is: 1.8nm diameter at 50pA,  2.3nm diameter at 1nA, and 10nm diameter at 10nA
  • 100MHz pattern generator and electrostatic deflector
  • Minimum addressable pixel size is 0.1nm (100um field)
  • Minimum dose time is 10nsec/dot, and minimum dose time step is 0.1nsec
  • Capable of holding wafers from 2” to 6” in size as well as small and odd shaped substrates.


  • Samples must be vacuum compatible
  • Due to safety and contamination considerations, materials allowed in this tool are restricted. See the list of allowed materials in FOM.