Zeiss Auriga FIB/FESEM/EDS

FOM Name:  FIB Zeiss Auriga
Model:  Zeiss Auriga
Contact: Julie Morasch (morasch@wisc.edu, 608-262-3613)
Center:  NIAC
Location:  MSE Room 175

The Zeiss Auriga SEM combines SEM imaging with FIB capabilities. The live SEM imaging capability during FIB operation mode gives full control when micro-machining critical samples.

The Auriga series offers a multi-channel gas injection system for ion beam deposition of metals or insulators and for enhanced etching. A wealth of options exist on the NIAC system including a 5 gas injection system and a single high angle gas injector for 0 degree, an in situ micromanipulator, and SE, Inlens SE, Inlens BSE, STEM and EDS detectors.

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  • Ultra high resolution FESEM with unique GEMINI® column
  • High performance Cobra FIB column
  • Auriga® operation: high resolution live imaging during milling and polishing
  • Endpoint detection for automated milling
  • Automated TEM preparation software package
  • Super eucentric, fully motorised stage
  • Highly reliable dry pumping system
  • Multi-channel gas injection system for charge compensation, material deposition and enhanced etching
  • Image archiving, networking and hardcopy solutions from the integral Windows® operating system
  • Inlens BSE detector
  • STEM detector