Allwin High Temp Rapid Thermal Annealer

FOM Name:  FURN High Temp RTA
Make/Model:  Allwin AW-610
Contact: Frank Flack, 608-265-3148
Center: NFC
Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

The Allwin AW-610 is a rapid thermal system that uses high-intensity visible radiation to heat single wafers for 1-600 seconds.

This instrument has material restrictions.  Consult the allowed materials list for this instrument in FOM.

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  • The temperature range is 550ºC to 110ºC, controlled by an extended range pyrometer.
  • The heating rate is user controlled at 1–200ºC per second.
  • The chamber is cooled using nitrogen gas.
  • The MFC-controlled process gases are nitrogen and 5% hydrogen balanced in nitrogen.
  • The quartz wafer tray is sized for a 3″, 4″, or 6″ wafers.
  • Small pieces are processed on a carrier Si wafer.