Suss MJB3 Lithography Aligner 2

FOM Name:  LITH Old MJB3 Aligner
Contact: Quinn Leonard (, 608-890-3030)
Center:  NFC
Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

NFC has two MJB-3 aligners.  The standard MJB 3 aligner is equipped with a 200 watt mercury short-arc lamp and the second aligner is equipped with a 350 watt mercury short-arc lamp.  The filtered light source produces a combination of g-line, h-line and i-line wavelengths (320-500nm).  Optimum line/space resolution is 1.5 microns.  The alignment range of the X and Y is 6mm and the Theta range is 30°.  Alignment is performed manually by manipulating micrometers while observing the wafer and mask with a microscope.  A quartz mask is recommended for wavelengths of 320nm while sodium glass masks are adequate for longer wavelengths.