Bruker Hysitron PI85 SEM Pico Indenter

FOM Name:  Indenter Bruker PI85/95 Pico indenter
Model Number:  Bruker PI85
Contact: Julie Morasch (, 608-262-3613)
Instrument Center:  NIAC
Instrument Location:  EH Room B29


The Bruker PI 85 Picoindenter is an in situ mechanical testing device that operates within a SEM. Video capture of the SEM signal allows correlation of the images with mechanical testing results. The SEM picoindenter is equipped with a standard transducer with a max force of 10 mN and a high load transducer with a max force if 100 mN. A 5 µm flat punch probe and a cube corner probe are available for both transducers.

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Instrument Configuration

  • Flat punch (5 µm) and cube corner indenter probes available
  • Max Force 10 mN (standard transducer), 100 mN (high load transducer)
  • Force Noise Floor <0.4 µN
  • Max Displacement 5 µm (standard transducer), 150 µm (high load transducer)
  • Displacement Noise Floor <1 nm
  • Feedback Control Rate 78 kHz
  • Max Data Acquisition Rate 39 kHz Sample
  • Positioning Range XYZ >3 mm
  • DMA analysis: 1 Hz – 300 Hz