FEI Titan 80-200 Aberration Corrected (S)TEM/EDS/EELS

FOM Name:  TEM Titan
Manufacturer/Model: FEI Titan 80-200
Contact:  Alex Kvit (kvit@wisc.edu, 608-265-4458)
Center:  NIAC
Location:  MSE Room 112

The Titan microscope is a image-aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM/TEM) capable of producing images with .08nm resolution. The Titan 80-200 microscope equipped with a high-brightness Schottky-field emission electron source, a CEOS probe-side aberration corrector, a high-resolution Gatan Imaging Filter and an EDS detector. The instrument is capable of imaging single atoms, and performing nanoscale chemical and structural analysis. Additionally, the system can perform <0.08 nm spatial resolution Z contrast STEM imaging and <0.1 nm spatial resolution HRTEM imaging.  The microscope has two 2048×2048 slow-scan CCD cameras; one is bottom mounted and one is the GIF camera.

Applications range from determining interface structures with sub-Ångstrom resolution and chemistry with single-atom precision to imaging and analyzing nanoparticles in a multiple-target biomacromolecule labeling system.

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  • Emitter: Schottky field-emission electron gun
  • Acceleration voltage 200 & 80 kV
  • Point resolution = 0.239 nm at 200kV
  • Line resolution = 0.122 nm
  • Information limit 0.07 nm
  • EDS, EDAX, 128 eV resolution
  • Eucentric goniometer (± 45º and ± 30º)
  • Orius 2.6k x 4k fast CCD
  • HR GIF Tridiem
  • 2k x 2k Gatan Ultrascan CCDs
  • EELS resolution 0.55 eV (TEM) & 0.7 e (STEM)
  • STEM mode, resolution 0.08 nm
  • Very low contamination
  • Superior drift <1 A/min