Contact: Quinn Leonard (, 608-890-3030)
Instrument Center:  NFC
Instrument Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

Process Description:

Scribing a wafer is a method of die separating.  A diamond-tipped scribe is dragged across a wafer creating a scratch in the wafer surface.  When the wafer is stressed, the wafer separates along the scribe lines.  The breaks follow the crystal structure of the wafer, creating a right-angle edge on the die.

Equipment Description:

The RA120M has two independent scribing axes that are programmed separately.  The parameters can be entered as either microns or mils for scribing wafers up to 100 mm (4 in.) in diameter.  All the parameters are entered via the numerical keypad and the softkeys that are adjacent to the screen.  The display message will prompt a user through the sequence of scribing steps.  Three scribing modes are available: continuous, edge and skip.  The system is microprocessor controlled to accurately place the scribe lines with a precise force on the diamond tip.