Pre-Furnace Clean Wet Bench

FOM Name:  FURN Pre-Furnace Clean Wet Bench
Make/Model:  FutureFab 11126-01 
Contact:  Kurt Kupcho (, 608-262-2982)
Center:  NFC
Location:  Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

The Pre-Furnace Clean chemical bench has four process tanks, which are prepared with ammonia hydroxide, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, and sulfuric acid.  The bench is equipped with multiple wafer holders; two quick dump rinse (QDR) tanks, a glove wash and bottle wash. Two process tanks and one QDR have mega-sonic capabilities.

This instrument has material restrictions.  Consult the allowed materials list for this instrument in FOM.

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  • Quick dump rinsers
  • Heated chemical baths
  • Chemical bath controllers for heat, time, & mega-sonic
  • Chemical glove rinser
  • Dedicated Teflon wafer and small piece holders
  • Spin-rinse-dryer (SRD) for 3” and 4” wafers


  • Every bath must be used in order for the full amount of time and required temperatures
  • Only for cleaning samples for the thermal oxidation furnaces