Contact: Hal Gilles (, 608-890-4573)
Instrument Center:  NFC
Instrument Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

Process Description:

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) is performed in a vacuum environment at substrate temperatures of 250 – 350°C.  This process is based on the chemical reaction of gaseous compounds to form a thin film deposition.  Since a source of thermal energy is limited, the primary driving force for the reaction is the RF plasma.

Equipment Description:

The 70 PECVD is the left chamber of the two-chamber unit.  The PECVD chamber has 4 gas channels and one purge line.  The RF power source is at 13.56 MHz and capable of 500 watts.  The system is computer controlled by recipes, which can be developed by the user.  The system is open to all microelectronic substrates and is capable of depositing oxide and nitride.

Gases available:



2% SiH4 in N2

5% NH3 in N2