Samco UV/Ozone Cleaner

FOM Name:  ETCH UV/Ozone Cleaner
Make/Model:  Samco UV-1 
Contact:  Kurt Kupcho (, 608-262-2982)
Center:  NFC
Location:  Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

The UV/Ozone cleaner combines ultraviolet light, oxygen and controlled heating for cleaning and oxidizing.  This cleaning method has several applications such as cleaning organic contamination and increasing surface energy.  The unit can also be used to oxidize some material surfaces.  The oxygen has a flow range of 0–1.0 liter per min.  When the ozone generator is engaged and the oxygen flow rate is 0.5 l/min, the ozone concentration is approximately 6-7 g/m3.  The unit has a UV lamp that breaks down the ozone into oxygen radicals, which do the cleaning.  The substrate heater has a maximum temperature of 300ºC.  The automatic processing uses nitrogen as the chamber purge gas.

This instrument has material restrictions.  Consult the allowed materials list for this instrument in FOM.

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  • O2, N2, O3 produced gas
  • UV lamp
  • Heated substrate plate
  • Auto purge


  • Sample must be less than 10mm thick
  • 300C maximum for sample heater