Tencor Alpha-step 200 Profilometer

FOM Name:  NA
Make/Model:  Tencor Alphastep 200 Profilometer
Contact: Kurt Kupcho (kakupcho@wisc.edu, 608-262-2982)
Center: NFC
Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

The Tencor Alphastep 200 Profilometer has a stylus that is placed in direct contact with the wafer surface and is scanned across the surface. Vertical displacement of the stylus is recorded versus the scan distance.

This instrument has material restrictions.  Consult the allowed materials list for this instrument in FOM.

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  • Equipped with a standard stylus of 12.5 micron radius.
  • The scan area is imaged on a high-contrast, 9-inch CRT.
  • Measurement is made by moving cursors to compare areas of interest with the result displayed on the screen.
  • KiloAngstrom mode
    • maximum range ±160 kiloAngstrom
    • resolution 5 Angstrom
  • Micron mode
    • maximum range ±160 microns
    • resolution 5 nanometers
  • Scan lengths:               80, 400, 2,000, 10,000 microns


  • Maximum sample thickness                      16.5 mm
  • Maximum sample diameter                       162 mm