Suss MA6 Lithography Aligner

FOM Name:  LITH Suss MA6 Aligner
Contact: Quinn Leonard (, 608-890-3030)
Center:  NFC
Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

The MA6/BA6 aligner can accept square masks 4”, 5”, or 7” on a side. Substrate chucks accept round wafers with diameters of 3”, 4”, or 6”; a “pieces” chuck provides some limited capabilities to expose small or oddly-shaped substrates, but be advised that it is more difficult to achieve consistent results with such materials.  The aligner is equipped with a 350 watt mercury short-arc lamp.  The filtered light source produces a combination of g-line, h-line and i-line wavelengths (350-500nm).  With manual operation, the MA6 can provide print structures into the sub-micron region with all contact exposure programs of vacuum, hard, soft, contact and proximity.  The MA6 offers optical alignment top of substrate or the bottom of substrate.  The split-screen digital monitor allows you to view for top and the bottom of the substrate.  Manipulating X, Y and Theta micrometers perform alignment manually.