Nikon i-Line Stepper

FOM Name:  STEP Nikon i-Line Stepper
Model:  Nikon NSR-2005i8A
Contact: Quinn Leonard (, 608-890-3030)

Center:  NFC
Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor

The Nikon NSR-2005i8A utilizes a reticle that must meet Nikon’s reticle design guide specifications that is provided to the User. The wafer stage can accommodate wafers with diameters of 2”, 3”, or 4”. The 1750 Watt Hg lamp provides exposure irradiation in the i-line portion of the spectrum resulting in a resolution as small as 0.5um. The stage movement via laser interferometry and laser enhanced alignment schemes allow for a stepping repeatability of 70nm with an overlay accuracy of 3s £ 0.18 mm. The maximum chip exposure area is 21mm x 21mm when the entire reticle is exposed. The “blinding” capability of the Stepper allows for the exposure of designated parts of the reticle allowing for greater flexibility in pattern development.

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