Leica ACE600 Sputter Deposition system

FOM Name:  Prep-Leica ACE600 Deposition
Manufacturer/Model:  Leica ACE600
Contact: Julie Morasch (morasch@wisc.edu, 608-262-3613)
Center:  NIAC
Location: MSE Room 161

The Leica EM ACE600 offers coating methods using sputtering, carbon thread, carbon rod and e-beam evaporation, using up to two methods at the same time. This is realized with angled sources attached to a metal vacuum chamber and a rotating stage to allow evenly distributed films on a stage size over 100mm. Glow discharge can be performed to make grids hydrophilic and an integrated quartz crystal measurement device accurately determines the layer thickness.

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The Lieca EM 600 coating system includes:

  • Vacuum chamber
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Rotating sample stage, 24 positions for 12, 7mm SEM stubs
  • Removable shielding, shutter and door
  • Quartz (QSG) thickness measurement
  • Carbon thread deposition head
  • Planetary drive stage
  • Automated height and tilt adjustment
  • Sample stage for two 3″ x 1″ glass slides
  • Glow discharge
  • Targets available: Au, Pt, Ti, Cr, Al, Au/Pd (80/20) and Carbon thread