Glove Box VAC Nexus One

FOM Name:  Glove Box
Model:  VAC Nexus One
Contact: Anna Kiyanova (, 608-263-1735)
Center:  SMCL
Location: B48 Engineering Hall

Nexus One Glove Box is used to prepare and manipulate samples in an inert and moisture free atmosphere. The instrument uses a computer to continuously monitor and control all glove box functions with a single operator interface. The Glove Box has attached vacuum pump to perform operations that require vacuum (gas phase silanization, for example). Built-in refrigerator for temperature sensitive samples can be activated upon request.


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  • Construction materials inside: 304 st. steel, lexan glass window, butyl rubber gloves
  • Antechamber size: 15″ diameter, 24″ long
  • Purge gas: dry nitrogen generated by a liquid nitrogen tank
  • Purity level: < 1 ppm oxygen, < 1 ppm water
  • Purity tests available: Titanium tetrachloride test (moisture), Diethylzinc test (oxygen)
  • Refrigerator temperature: down to -35 °C
  • Refrigerator volume: 900 cubic inches