Parylene Coater LabTopME (redesigned LabTop 3000)

FOM Name:  Parylene Coater LabTopME
Model:  LabTopME (redesigned LabTop 3000)
Contact: Anna Kiyanova (, 608-263-1735)
Center:  SMCL
Location: B47 Engineering Hall

Parylene conformal coating is used to seal surfaces, making them resistant to contaminants, moisture, petro chemicals, corrosives, gases, acids and alkalis. The film adds minimal mass to coated surfaces and contributes no cure or thermal expansion forces to threaten delicate components. Parylene has exceptional tensile and yield strength, and is used to protect many substrate types from glass and metal to ceramics and plastics.

The LabTopME bench-top coating system is a scaled-down version of production units. It features an automated coating process and vacuum-coating precision. Tangential entry and exit of the polymerizing monomer results in a low coating thickness gradient as well as good film uniformity.


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  • Chamber Dimensions: 8″ (203mm) diameter and 9″ (228mm) height
  • Substrate Fixture: 7″ (177mm) diameter and 7″ (177mm) height
  • Controller: 4 standard programs, 4 ramp-and-soak steps per program. Unlimited user-defined programs.
  • Dimers in stock: Parylene N, Parylene C