Plasma Etch System PlasmaEtch PE-200

FOM Name:  Plasma Etch System
Model:  PlasmaEtch PE-200
Contact: Anna Kiyanova (, 608-263-1735)
Center:  SMCL
Location: B42 Engineering Hall

PlasmaEtch PE-200 Plasma Surface Treatment and Etching System is used for surface activation and etching with a variety of materials. Plasma etching cleans organic contamination from metal, ceramic, or plastic surfaces, which enhances the adhesive and bond strength of such surfaces. Plasma can be used to clean and etch odd shaped parts with hard to reach areas. The plasma process can be readily controlled and may be repeated safely, ensuring uniform results.


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  • RF power: 250 W max @ 13.56 MHz
  • Gases available: oxygen (nitrogen for purge)
  • Process Gas flow: 0 – 200 cc/min
  • Electrode configuration: horizontal planar