Refractometer Leica AR600

FOM Name:  Refractometer Leica AR600
Model:  Leica AR600
Contact: Anna Kiyanova (, 608-263-1735)
Center:  SMCL
Location: B47 Engineering Hall

Refractometer Leica AR600 is a precision automatic bench-top sodium D-line refractometer with digital readout. It measures index of refraction at sodium D-line nD of liquid samples at a user-defined temperature T (nDT) to 5th decimal place. Typical applications are sample characterization (nD20), chemical identification, concentration measurements (sucrose level in a fruit juice), purity determination.


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  • Wavelength: sodium D-line 589 nm, fixed
    nD range: 1.32000 – 1.52000
  • Temperature range: 10 – 40 °C
  • Readability: 0.00001 nD or 0.01% solids (Brix)
  • Precision: up to ±0.00002 nD or ±0.01% solids (Brix)
  • Sample types: transparent, translucent, or opaque liquids
  • Temperature measurement resolution: 0.01 °C
  • Materials being in contact with sample: sapphire prizm, stainless steel well, corrosion-resistant epoxy.