Vacuum Tensiometer SMCL

FOM Name:  Vacuum Tensiometer
Model:  SMCL Vacuum Tensiometer
Contact: Anna Kiyanova (, 608-263-1735)
Center:  SMCL
Location: B18 Engineering Hall

Vacuum Tensiometer is a unique custom-made instrument to measure surface tension of molten viscous polymers. It employs micro-Wilhelmy method to reduce equilibration time for viscous liquids. Melting of polymers and measurements are performed in oil-free vacuum with residual gas pressure below 10-5 Torr.


  • Bryan B. Sauer and Nicholas V. DiPaolo, Surface Tension and Dynamic Wetting of Polymers Using the Wilhelmy Method: Applications to High Molecular Weights and Elevated Temperatures, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, Vol. 114, No. 2, July 1991, pages 527 – 537.
  • Gregory T. Dee, Bryan B. Sauer, The surface tension of polymer liquids, Advances in Physics, 1998, Vol. 47, No. 2, pages 161 – 205.


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  • Temperature range: room temperature – 300 °C
  • Probe: Pt wire, 0.3 mm OD