Malvern Panalytical XPert MRD X-ray diffractometer

FOM Name:  XRD Panalytical XPert MRD
Model: Malvern Panalytical Xpert MRD
Contact: Don Savage (, 608-263-0831)
Center:  NIAC
Location: ERB Rm 832

The Panalytical XPert  x-ray diffractomer is a high resolution diffraction system consisting of a highly monochromatic beam with a well-defined wavelength and equatorial divergence. An X-ray mirror and a high-resolution monochromator are placed in line to deliver an incident X-ray beam that is not only highly monochromatic with a low divergence, but also has a high intensity. Reflectometry measurements can also be performed to identify layer thickness, density and surface roughness.

Malvern Panalytical XPert website

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High Resolution Setup

  • Six-axis sample stage on high resolution  goniometer.
    Absolute angular resolution = 0.0001 degrees.
  • Hybrid monochromater consisting of closely coupled x-ray mirror and 4 bounce Ge 220 monochromator.
    Resolution = 18 arc-seconds.
  • Diffracted beam optics-
    Fixed slit or Three bounce Ge 220 analyzer.  Resolution = 12 arc-second

Reflectometry setup

  • Diffracted beam optics:
    0.27 degree collimator with graphite monochrometer
    or 0.09 degree collimator