Photoresist Spinner for Electron Beam Lithography

FOM Name:  CLAS E-beam Photoresist Spinner
Contact: Frank Flack, 608-265-3148
Center:  NFC
Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

Process Description:

This bench supports a primarily additive process connected with pattern creation. It provides equipment for spincoating photresist onto a substrate, for lithographic exposure in the Elionix e-beam tool.

Equipment Description:

The spinner can accommodate thin samples from 1 to 6 inches in diameter. Samples should ideally be round wafers. Spin speeds can be manually set in the range from 100 to 5000 rpm. Coated film thickness also depends upon the properties of the photoresist being used.

The bench also provides a hotplate for baking samples after spincoating.

Due to safety and contamination considerations, materials allowed in this tool are restricted. See the list of allowed materials in FOM.