NFC Indium Evaporator

FOM Name:  PKG Indium Evaporator
Make/Model:  NFC Fabricated
Contact: Kurt Kupcho, 608-262-6877
Center: NFC
Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

Evaporation is an additive process.

The Indium Evaporator is a physical vapor deposition system that uses a resistively heated crucible to melt indium for deposition of thin films on substrates.

Due to safety and contamination considerations, materials allowed in this tool are restricted. See the list of allowed materials in FOM.

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  • Resistively heated Al2O3 crucible.
  • The deposition is controlled by a Sycon RS-3000 controller.
  • High vacuum is achieved by a cryo-pump.
  • A platen holds a single insert for a wafer or smaller samples.
  • A crystal oscillator is used to monitor the film thickness in-situ.