Nikon and Wild image capture station

FOM Name: STEP Image Capture
Model:  Nikon and Wild
Contact: Quinn Leonard (, 608-890-3030)
Center:  NFC
Location: Engineering Centers Building 3rd Floor Cleanroom

This is a metrology tool.

This imaging station can be used to capture both high resolution and large scale images of samples.

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The Imaging Station includes a Nikon LV100 Microscope and a Wild 420 Macroscope.  Each microscope has a digital camera.  An integrated software package allows for image capture and manipulation.  The station has Internet connection to allow images to be uploaded.

The Nikon microscope is configured for both episcopic (reflective) and diascopic (transmitted) illumination.  The par focal objectives available are 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x and 100x.  Microscopy methods available are bright-field, dark-field, polarized and differential interference contrast.

The Wild 420 Macroscope produces an erect, laterally correct image illuminated by a fiber optic light ring.  The Wild has a large depth of field and therefore is capable of imaging large objects.  The par focal zoom magnification is from 5.8x to 35x.

The Nikon microscope and the Wild Macroscope are each equipped with 5 mega-pixel digital cameras.  By using a camera switch box, the imaging software can capture an image from either the Nikon or the Wild.  The software has a wide range of image enhancement capabilities such as measurement and annotation.  Additional imaging features include stitching images together to create a large area image and merging images vertically to create a single extended depth of focus image.