Terminating your NFC access

The NFC charges a monthly fee for access to the cleanroom labs. When you no longer need to use the NFC, you can stop the monthly billing by terminating your NFC lab access. To do this, complete these lab checkout steps:

  1. Properly dispose of any chemicals you have stored in the lab, or find another lab member to take ownership of them and responsibility for them.
  2. Completely empty your drybox, if you have one, and return the key to Quinn Leonard or to other NFC staff.
  3. Completely empty your white storage tub, if you have one, and leave the tub in the NFC gown room.
  4. Email the lab manager, Quinn Leonard, requesting that your NFC account be terminated.

After NFC staff verify that you have completed steps 1-3, we will terminate your NFC access and your monthly access billing will stop. It is your responsibility to complete these steps and request termination; your account and billing do not automatically terminate when you graduate or when you stop using the NFC for any other reason.

You can terminate your NFC access while keeping your FOM account active for use in other campus labs.