WCNT acquires new Bruker ICON Atomic Force Microscope

The Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology has received funding from the VCRGE Core revitalization program and the UW-Madison MRSEC to replace our existing Atomic Force Microscope. A Bruker instruments ICON large sample stage high resolution system is currently being installed in the Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center and should be available in Jan 2021.

Features include:

  • Contact Mode
  • Lateral Force Microscopy
  • TappingMode™
  • PeakForce Tapping™
  • ScanAsyst™
  • PhaseImaging™
  • LiftMode™  (enables MFM/EFM)
  • Force curve and pulling
  • Force volume
  • Surface Potential (Kelvin Probe Microscopy)
  • Torsional Resonance Mode
  • Piezoresponse Microscopy
  • Fast Tapping with scan rates up to 91kHz
  • Peak Force QNM (Quantitative Nano Mechanical) software allow for quantitative mapping of nano-mechanical properties