WCNT acquires new Horiba Raman

The Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology has received funding from the VCRGE Core revitalization program and the UW-Madison MRSEC to replace our existing Horiba Raman Microscope. A Horiba LabRAM HR Evolution IKON system is currently being installed in the Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center and should be available in Jan 2021.:

  • Drastic improvement in ease of use, speed, sensitivity, research capabilities, and software compared to old Aramis
  • 405, 532, 633, and 785 nm lasers with fully automated switching
  • 800 mm focal length spectrometer for best-on-market spectral resolution
  • Ultrafast confocal Raman imaging with SWIFTTM and DuoScanTM technologies
  • Intuitive and powerful LabSpec 6 software
  • Polarized Raman, InGaAs detector, and Linkam stage available