WCNT acquires new Leica EM TiC 3X Ion Beam Milling System

The Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology installed a Leica EM TiC 3X Ion Beam milling system. Funding was provided by the UW-Madison MRSEC, COE, L&S, VCRGE and CALS. The system is currently available for use in the Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center.


  • The Triple Ion Beam Milling System, EM TIC 3X allows production of cross sections and planar surfaces for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Microstructure Analysis (EDS, WDS, Auger, EBSD) and, AFM investigations
  • With the EM TIC 3X you achieve high quality surfaces of almost any material at room temperature or cryo, revealing the internal structures of the sample in as near a native state as possible